Community Resolution Dispute Committee


  • Michael Eisner
  • Christy Moore
  • Leslie Spencer
  • Magda Tamariz
  • Lawrence Tobias
  • Jeffrey Zuber
  1. Alvaro Leal

    Court Administrator


The purpose of the Community Dispute Resolution Committee (CDRD) is to provide a flexible and open forum that enables citizens to resolve minor problems without legal expense and without going to court. Some of the complaints handled by the Committee could include:

  • Destruction
  • Dog complaints
  • Neighborhood disputes
  • Simple harassment
  • Simple theft
  • Simple trespass

Mediation Session

A private and confidential mediation session is set up between disputing parties. They appear before the Committee, who are trained mediators that will work with them to develop a solution to the problem.

Contact the Committee

How does one contact the Committee? Residents should go to the Municipal Court and file a complaint with the Court Clerk. Cases are then referred to the CDRC by the Municipal Judge or the Court Administrator.