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Volunteer Ambulance Squads

Volunteer Ambulance Squads

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Click on the desired link to be re-directed to the Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Volunteer Ambulance Squad of your choice.

Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Paid Ambulance Service:

Par Troy EMS

About Par-Troy EMS

Par-Troy EMS, inspected and licensed by the NJ Department Health and Senior Services, was established by the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills to provide prompt, professional emergency medical services to residents and visitors of the township. Our municipal ambulance service staffs one ambulance, with two state certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), 6 days a week, operating Monday through Saturday, from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. Par-Troy EMS is responsible for providing service township-wide.

In 2006, Par-Troy EMS responded to 1,862 Calls and since inception, has responded to over 8,200 calls. Par-Troy EMS is stationed at the Parsippany Community Center, located at 1130 Knoll Road, in the Lake Hiawatha section of the township. The emergency medical service staff is CPR certified and EMT certified by the State, having successfully completed a 120-hour course. Dispatched by the Parsippany Police Department, they work in conjunction with the township Police Department, Parsippany's two volunteer ambulance squads, six fire districts and Rescue and Recovery Unit to provide any means necessary to get our patients treated and transported to the closest appropriate hospitals.

In life threatening stuations such as chest pain or difficulty breathing, a mobile intensive care unit (MICU), staffed by two Paramedics, may also respond to provide advanced life support. Comparable to a mobile emergency room, MICUs are hospital- based units, providing regional emergency service, in cooperation with municipal ambulances. Paramedics are in contact with an emergency room physician to provide the most appropriate treatment. In Parsippany, our primary mobile intensive care units are Medic 52, based out of Saint Clare's Hospital and MIC-11/MIC-12 from Morristown Memorial Hospital.

Par-Troy EMS Billing Information

  • 1. When 911 is called for an emergency, an ambulance will be dispatched immediately.
  • 2. The usage of the ambulance is unlimited.
  • 3. Your insurance card will not be requested before receiving treatment.
  • 4. You are free to offer your insurance information to the ambulance crew at any time, however they will not ask for it until you are near or at the hospital. If your condition is life- threatening, your insurance information will be obtained later.
  • 5. Parsippany - Troy Hills Township/Par-Troy EMS is a licensed provider under New Jersey Medicare and Medicaid.
  • 6. Once your insurance information is obtained, you will be asked to provide the name of your legal guardian (a minor or power of attorney), or a next of kin to sign the form, which remits a bill to your insurance carrier for the ambulance care and transport.
  • 7. If you do not have insurance or your insurance will only pay a portion of the bill, and you are a resident of Parsippany, there will be no further charge. Please note that you may receive a notice that there is an outstanding balance, however, no further attempts will be made for collection of that balance.
  • 8. If you are a visitor to Parsippany, the billing cycle will be the same, however, you will be responsible for the remaining balance not paid by insurance or if you are uninsured.
  • 9. Most importantly, the safety and well-being of the residents and visitors of Parsippany - Troy Hills Township is our number one priority. Please do not ever hesitate to call 911 for an ambulance because you are concerned about payment.
  • 10. For further information or if you have any questions, feel free to ask any one of our staff members or contact us in any of the manners listed below.