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Division of Fire Prevention

The primary responsibility of the Fire Prevention Bureau is to enforce the New Jersey State Fire Code, ensuring that the residents and firefighters of Parsippany are given the proper level of protection. The Bureau, through public education, code enforcement and emergency response, provides the public with protection of life property and the environment.

Working Smoke Detectors Save Lives


Fee Schedules:

After completing the Application for Smoke/Carbon Monoxide & Fire Extinguisher Certification, please mail, fax, email, or drop off the form. Your inspection fee is determined by counting the number of business days from the day we receive your application until your closing date. Fees are as follows.

Request for Residential Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Detector/Fire Extinguisher Inspections:

  • 1. Request for a CSDCMDC received ten (10) or more business days prior to the change of occupancy: $50.00
  • 2. Request for a CSDCMDC received four (4) to nine (9) business days prior to the change of occupancy: $75.00
  • 3. Request for a CSDCMDC received zero (0) to three (3) business days prior to the change of occupancy: $125.00
  • 4. Please note: Applications received less than ten (10) days before the closing or rental date will try to be accommodated however, this is not always possible. That is why we ask for ten (10) or more business days' notice.
  • 5. For any rentals: please note that we are a separate department from the Housing Division. You need to contact them for their certification separately. Their phone number is (973) 263-4280
  • 6. Re-inspection or no-show fee is: $50.00

Payment by check or money order only (no cash) at time of inspection to: Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills.

Smoke Detector Maintenance

Maintenance of smoke detectors is very important:

  • 1. Test smoke detectors monthly.
  • 2. Install fresh batteries at least once a year. A good way to remember is to change batteries when the clocks are changed in the spring and fall.
  • 3. Never disable a detector by removing the battery because it goes off or "chirps". There is always a reason why it is going off even if you do not see or smell smoke.
  • 4. When the battery starts “chirping”, it is an indication that the battery is low.
  • 5. Clean detectors with a vacuum cleaner. DO NOT remove the cover to clean dust and spider webs from detectors.
  • 6. Never paint any part of a smoke detector.
  • 7. Replace smoke detectors that are 10 years old.
  • 8. Make sure everyone in your household is familiar with the alarm’s sound. Plan an escape route and a meeting place.
  • 9. Make sure there is a smoke detector on every level of your home including the basement

Recommended Locations for Smoke Detectors

Shall have a minimum of (1) smoke detector and (1) carbon monoxide detector within (10) feet of each sleeping area. (Combo units are acceptable)

Shall have a minimum of (1) smoke detector and (1) carbon monoxide detector within (10) feet of each sleeping area. (Combo units are acceptable)

Shall have a minimum of (1) smoke detector on each level. If there are multi-level bedrooms, (1) carbon monoxide detector required within (10) feet of each sleeping area.

Placement Of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Proper placement of a carbon monoxide detector is important. If you are installing only one carbon monoxide detector, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends that it be located near the sleeping area, where it can wake you. Additional detectors on every level and in every bedroom of a home provide extra protection.

When considering where to place a carbon monoxide detector, keep in mind that although carbon monoxide is roughly the same weight as air, it is produced from incomplete combustion of heating and cooking appliances. If this is the case, carbon monoxide will rise with the warmer air.

Homeowners should remember not to install carbon monoxide detectors directly above or beside fuel-burning appliances since they can emit a small amount of carbon monoxide upon start-up.

Contact Fire Prevention

Fire Official:

Administrative Assistant:

Fire Inspectors:

Location: 46 Gibraltar Dr.,
Morris Plains NJ 07950

Mailing Address: Parsippany-Troy Hills Town Hall
1001 Parsippany Boulevard
Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ 07054

Tel: (973) 263-7166
Fax: (973) 334-0307

Emergency Services