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Sanitary Sewer Utility

The Sewer Utility operates and maintains a 16 million gallon per day (MGD) advanced wastewater treatment plant, which currently has an average daily flow of 9 MGD. The Sewer Utility also operates and maintains approximately 370 miles of sewers and 28 pump stations which make up the Collection System. The Wastewater Treatment Plant and Collection System operate under permits issued by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). The highly treated wastewater, which meets all NJDEP Permit Requirement flows into the Rockaway River where it meets the Whippany River. The bio-solids (sludge) produced by the advanced treatment process are dewatered and sent to an out of state landfill.

Septic tank waste, sewage sludge and gray water are accepted from the area for treatment at the Plant. A Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Facility operated by a private firm through a lease agreement with the Township also operates at the Plant and accepts food type FOG for treatment.

The Sewer Utility operates and maintains all sanitary sewers in the Township from the cleanout in front of homes and businesses to the Treatment Plant.

The Parsippany-Troy Hills Wastewater Treatment Plant through agreement accepts and treats wastewater from Mountain Lakes, East Hanover, Montville and a portion of Denville.

The Sewer Utility develops plans and programs for the extension and improvement of public sewer services in the Township and at the Treatment Plant. The operation and maintenance of a Wastewater System is capital and maintenance intensive undertaking. Because of the nature of the material being handled and the ever changing NJDEP Permit Requirements the Sewer Utility must always be vigilant in its efforts to provide the level of service required by the NJDEP and demanded by the Citizens.

If a resident or business in the Township is experiencing a sewer connection problem, not a clogged toilet or sink, they should call the Sewer Utility at (973) 428-7593. We can advise if the problem is the responsibility of the Sewer Utility or if it is the property owner’s responsibility and they must contact a plumber or contractor.

eBill Notification for Water / Sewer Bills

The Township of Parsippany is pleased to announce the implementation of eBills for water and sewer. If you choose to participate, you will be notified by email when your bill is available for viewing. At that time, you will be provided with a link to access your account history for the past year, readings, usage and amount paid and due. You will continue to be able to pay online using our secure website, pay by mail or pay in-person.

If you are interested in receiving your water/sewer bill notification by email, please complete the… eBill Notification Authorization/Cancellation Agreement Form and mail, fax or email it back to us with an original signature.

Contact SSU

Sanitary Sewer Utility
Sewer Supertintendent/Engineering Consultant
Location: Edwards Road & New Road Intersection
Tel: (973) 428-7593
(973) 428-7594
(973) 428-7595

Emergency Services