Environmental Advisory Committee


  • Emily Peterson, Council Liaison 
  • Lisa McClusky, Chairperson 
  • Harshad Anjaria
  • Mohammed Ansari
  • Nirav Patel 
  • Lisa Plevin 
  • Judy Hernandez 
  • Susan (Lynn) Persson


The committee is established to assist in the protection, development and use of natural resources, located within the territorial limits of the township. The committee shall also provide environmental education and information to the community by utilizing various projects and activities in implementing these objectives.

"Caring about diversity and beauty around us enriches our planet, our surroundings and our souls" - anonymous

Findings Related to 2011 Lake Hiawatha Flooding

The Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) would like to express its condolences to the citizens of Lake Hiawatha who were affected by the storm. We have stated here that the conditions for flooding were a synergistic effects of many factors, very little of which was controllable at the time. From North Carolina to Vermont, millions of people were affected by Hurricane Irene. We can look back, learn from what we have experienced and make tomorrow a better day.