Municipal Alliance Committee



  • Michael A. Soriano , Mayor
  • Carol Adamsbaum
  • Pastor Perter Amerman
  • Rosalia Capriglione
  • Allison Cogan
  • Rafael Delgado
  • Danielle DeLuca
  • Loretta Gragnani, Council Liaison 
  • Jane DiFabio
  • Aimee Doyle
  • Sandra Neglia
  • Allison Orr
  • Dan Yarosz


The Municipal Alliance Committee (MAC) has been active in Parsippany Troy-Hills Township for over thirty years. The Committee’s mission is prevent alcohol and drug abuse within the Parsippany community. In pursuit of this mission, MAC committee members organize and coordinate the efforts of the public schools, police force, and other organizations to create a stronger community and healthier individual citizens, thereby reducing the likelihood of drug and alcohol abuse.

Get Involved

MAC Meetings are open to the public, and we encourage anyone who would like to get involved to attend our next meeting. You can also send questions or ideas to us directly by emailing Parsippany MAC.

Additional Information

Center for Addiction Recovery Education & Success (CARES)

The Center for Addiction Recovery Education and Success (CARES) is a peer to peer, volunteer based recovery oriented sanctuary located in Rockaway, New Jersey. We exist to put a face on recovery, build recovery capital and serve as a physical location where the local recovery community can join together. CARES honors all pathways to recovery.