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The Police Department is a Civil Service organization consisting of over 100 sworn police officers. The department is divided into four divisions: Patrol, Investigative, Support Services and Professional Standards. The Patrol, Investigative, and Support Services Divisions are each led by a Captain and supported by the following chain of command: Lieutenants, Sergeants, Patrol Officers and civilian personnel. The Professional Standards Division is comprised of a Captain and a Lieutenant.

The state of the art police headquarters building became home to Parsippany Police in November 2004. At nearly 33,000 square feet, the building offers more space, privacy and ease of movement than the former building which served as headquarters for 22 years.

Among its features are two private interview rooms for distraction-free interviewing of witnesses and suspects. There is also a private room solely dedicated for members of the Domestic Violence Crisis Response Team, a volunteer organization, where they can speak with victims of domestic violence in a warm, comfortable setting. This is the first of its kind in Morris County.

Evidence and storage lockers are in varying sizes and some of them are refrigerated for perishable evidence items. They directly access the office of the Property & Evidence Sergeant to ensure chain of custody.

The state of the art cell block is NJ Department of Corrections approved and is video and audio monitored. A fourth cell is generally utilized for female offenders and is separated from the cell block. In addition, there is a larger holding cell and a DWI processing room. A completely separate juvenile holding area frees officers from leading around youthful offenders who are monitored via one-way observation glass that connects with the Communications area.

The police "Sally Port" is a garage that is controlled from the Communications area and allows for prisoners to enter and exit the police vehicle in a secured area. Parsippany's Sally Port accommodates two police cars and has two bay doors allowing for "drive through" capability.

The communications center of the Police Department is staffed 24 hours a day by civilian dispatchers and on-duty patrol officers. Their primary responsibilities encompass answering all incoming emergency calls with a 9-1-1 enhanced system as well as all other calls that come into police headquarters for police, fire and ambulance. The communications area has the capability to talk via radio to all emergency personnel, township departments and other police agencies statewide.

Further Information

Police Phone Directory

  • Emergency 9-1-1
  • Main Number (973) 263-4300
  • Chief’s Office (973) 263-4332
  • Court (973) 263-4290
  • Investigative (973) 263-4311
  • Youth Services (973) 263-7090
  • PAL (973) 335-0555
  • Records (973) 263-4325
  • Recruitment (973) 263-4395
  • Traffic (973) 263-4318
  • Community Relations (973) 263-4395

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division of the Police Department is the largest division and the agency's backbone. It is primarily manned by Patrol Officers to perform the police function in an efficient and effective manner. Patrol is the primary law enforcement function, but involves more than the act of patrolling. The officers of the Patrol Division engage in a wide range of services including, but not limited to, crime prevention, arresting offenders, responding to emergency medical situations, traffic control and direction.

The Patrol Division is commanded by a Captain and is divided into four sections. Each section has a Lieutenant and three Sergeants. Patrol Officers are placed under the direct control of a Sergeant and are allocated based upon workload and the needs of the community.

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Investigative Division

The Investigative Division is comprised of an Adult section and a Youth Services section. A Detective Captain leads the Adult section with one Lieutenant, three Sergeants and several Patrol Officers classified as Detectives, as well as two civilian secretaries. The Detectives conduct interviews of victims, witnesses and suspects of crimes. Other duties include tasks such as taking statements, seeking witnesses and taking charge of crime scenes when called to investigate and collect evidence.

The Youth Services section is staffed by one Sergeant and several Detectives, and is supported by an on staff counselor. The responsibilities of the Youth Services section are similar to the Adult Division with the exception that the Juvenile section handles offenders under the age of 18, while the adult division handles offenders 18 and older. Juvenile Detectives also serve as School Resource Officers in each of the twonship's two high schools.

The Investigative Division also comprises S.E.U., the Special Enforcement Unit. The unit consists of a Detective Sergeant and two detectives.

There are two School Resource Officers that come under the jurisdiction of the Youth Services section. Both officers act as a law enforcement resource for the secondary schools in adition to handling criminal-delinquent and family crisis matters.

Parsippany High School and Central Middle School: Detective Anthony Bonavitacola (973) 263-7001 ext. 3052.

Parsippany Hills High School and Brooklawn Middle School: Detective Joseph Selitto (973) 682-2815 ext. 3046.

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Support Services

This Division is commanded by a Captain and supported by a Lieutenant and several officers and civilian personnel. It is responsible for the maintenance and control of all documents and computer files generated by the other divisions. This division's duties include logging and tracking all items found or seized within the township including anything from bicycles to drugs. It also maintains the entire in-house computer system and CAD (computer aided dispatch) system. This division also handles fingerprinting for all required services within our township. Civilian personnel support this division as secretaries, garage mechanics and maintenance personnel. Support Services also oversees the Township's Animal Control office.

Planning & Research Section

A Lieutenant commands the Planning & Research Section of the Support Services Division with a Sergeant, one Community Relations Officer and a civilian secretary. This section is charged with the immediate and long- range planning of the Department. The objectives of this section are to offset the uncertainty of change, focus attention on economical operation, training, goals and objectives. The members of this section recommend contingency plans for any anticipated hazard, problem or disaster. They also maintain community contacts to assist the department in the delivery of services to the citizens, and ensure that the officers are fully trained with regard to any and all possible situations that may arise out of every day encounters with the general public. Community relations is a large part of this section that allows the department to interact with the citizens of Parsippany and to provide them with information on various community related services. Trained crime prevention officers are available to speak at civic meetings on topics ranging from DWI to ho me and personal safety. They also coordinate and conduct free of charge home security and business surveys.

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Professional Standards Division

A Captain leads the Professional Standards Division and is assisted by one Lieutenant and a civilian secretary. This Division is responsible for all internal investigations with the Captain serving as the department liaison for pending civil litigation. The division is responsible for maintaining a comprehensive central file on all complaints received by the department and also oversees the hiring process via the New Jersey Department of Personnel (DOP) and the Intergovernmental Transfer Program. The Captain acts in the capacity of Affirmative Action Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Officer, also serves as the Department Inspectional Officer and is assigned areas of inspectional responsibility by the Chief of Police. Overseeing the Community Outreach function by identifying potential crisi situations and keeping channels of communication open between the police department and the community is yet another key function of this division.

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Parsippany’s D.A.R.E Program

Parsippany's D. A. R. E. Program is part of a national effort to combat drug abuse and violence among our children. D. A. R. E. Is the acronym for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. It is the single most widely-used substance abuse prevention and safety promotion curriculum in the world. There are several components to the D.A.R. E. curriculum including the core curriculum for fifth grades and visitations for kindergarten through fourth grades. A Sergeant in the Police Department's Youth Services Section directs Parsippany's program. Specially trained D. A. R. E. officers work in our 8 elementary and 2 parochial schools with over 2500 students. D.A.R.E. has achieved immense name recognition in association with substance abuse prevention, making the D.A.R.E. officer the most recognizable symbol for community policing and prevention.

Virtually, all substance abuse and violence prevention programs agree that a key to success is enlisting the involvement of community leaders to reinforce a consistent message. D.A.R.E. provides unique involvement for a wide range of these figures including law enforcement officers, classroom teachers, peer leaders and parents. Law enforcement professionals especially favor D.A.R.E. because it provides an excellent opportunity for positive interaction with children in a familiar, comfortable classroom setting.

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Contact Police Department

Chief of Police: Paul Philipps

Location: 3339 Route 46 East
Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ 07054

Tel: (973) 263-4300

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